Endo 360°®

Articulating curved needle driver for MIS

Endo 360°® Copia

Dispositivo per sutura laparoscopica articolato con ago curvo

Assufil Monofilamento®

Synthetic monofilament suture for long absorption.

Glicofil Lac Fast®

Synthetic absorbable.

Glicofil Lac®

PGLA polymer of glycolide (90%) and lactide (10%) woven and coated with medium absorption.


Polymeric waxed and coated medium polymer absorbent polymer.

Monofil Fast®

Quick-absorbing monofilament synthetic suture.


PGLA copolymer of glycolide (90%) and lactide (10%) woven and coated with rapid absorption.

Assufil Plus®

Surgical suture absorbable, synthetic, with antibacterial preservative action.

Assufil Mono Plus®

Sutura Synthetic monofilament with antibacterial preservative action.