Assumesh Sling®

It’s indicated as a urethral support for the treatment of urinary tract incontinence (SUI), characterized by the central part with an exclusive polypropylene monofilament of 0.3 mm thickness and a weight of 71g / m2 and from both ends With threaded threads (FILBLOC®) which, with the same resistance, provide less implanted mass, softness, and flexibility.
The revolutionary sunken suture allows the MUS network to be positioned as a standard obturator sling while simultaneously reducing the implanted mass and eliminating any mesh in the muscles.




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  • Lower implant mass (only 6 cm)
  • Standard auto positioning and adjustment
  • It follows the same method of the shutter tapes
  • Large holes, monofilament weave, lightweight mesh for positioning under the urethra
  • No mesh in the thigh muscles
  • Lightweight and flexible mesh
  • Minimally invasive procedure


Code Description Packaging
AM(GF)0601 B Mini Sling in polypropylene 6 x 1.2 cm
(right and left introducer in multipurpose steel for In-Out technique)
Packaging 1 pc
AM(G)4501 B Polypropylene net 45 x 1.2 cm Packaging 1 pc
AI01 Multi-purpose steel introducer for OUT-IN technique Packaging 1 pc
AI02 Multi-purpose steel introducer for IN-OUT technique Packaging 1 pc
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