EC STER SPRAY Rapid sterilizing spray

Rapid Sterilizer Spray for devices and small surfaces; free radical generator.
The medical device comes in the form of a white powder composed of buffered oxidants and activators and is soluble in water. The standard dose of use is 0.35% – 2.6 g for 750 ml of water.
EC STER SPRAY has bactericidal (gram +, gram-, mycobacterium of tuberculosis), virucidal (including HIV – HBV – HCV), sporicidal, fungicidal activity: the flow of free radicals generated causes irreversible chemical damage to the structure of pathogenic microorganisms and their immediate destruction.




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• Sterilizes surfaces and treated devices in seconds; prevents the risk of infection for the operator because it inactivates pathogenic microorganisms upon simple contact and prevents their migration
• It prevents oxidation phenomena and does not compromise the integrity of surfaces and tools. It does not stain, it does not leave halos
• The single-dose vial facilitates the preparation of the active solution; the powder is directly solubilized in the 750 ml bottle equipped with a spray dispenser
• The powder dissolves in tap water at room temperature.
• Odorless and does not emit vapors into the work environment


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