Assufil Fast®

Braided and coated synthetic suture short term absorption (42 days)

CompositionPolymer of glycolic acid.DescriptionBraided and coated synthetic short term absorption sutureColorUndyed.Sizes
and standard
EP from 0,7 to 4; USP from 6/0 to 1. Assufil fast is attached to AISI 300 or AISI 400 stinless steel atraumatic needles.
Tensile StrengthAfter 7 days from implant it retains ~ 50% of the initial tensile strength and almost none after14 days.AbsorptionComplete within 42 days.IndicationsIn soft tissues approximation, where a fast absorption of the suture is required.For istance circumcisions, skin wounds and oral mucosa membrane.CatalogDownload pdf

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