BIORIPAR is a new biological matrix obtained from bovine pericardium and composed of type I collagen and elastin.

The pericardial tissue is subjected to a “Multiphasic Process” specifically developed by Assut Europe, aimed at maintaining the three-dimensional structure of the collagen and its biomechanical properties. Therefore, a matrix is obtained for the germination of fibroblasts that promote the formation of new tissues and blood vessels. At the same time as new tissue is created, a gradual degradation of pericardial collagen occurs.

Multiphasic Process

• Removes antigenicity

• Inactivates all kinds of pathogens

• Preserves biomechanical properties

• Guarantees biocompatibility and the ability to remodel the tissues

The Multiphasic Process adopted, allowed to obtain a new biological matrix derived from bovine pericardium, thanks to continuous research while listening to surgeons feedback.

Its mechanical properties have been confirmed by burst and tensile strength tests. Preclinical studies show the validity of BIORIPAR, verifying the biocompatibility and mechanisms that are the basis of the process of integration with the host tissue.

After its application, the body reacts to the introduction of collagen initiating the repair process of damaged tissues by releasing a large number of cytokines, a growth factor, and gradually replacing implanted material with healthy tissues.

Product features

BIORIPAR is an implantable surgical medical device, belonging to Class III, designed for the reinforcement, repair, regeneration and soft tissue reconstruction.

• Remodelable

• Biocompatible

• Traction and pressure resistant

• Easy to handle

• Flexible

• Easy to suture


The pericardium used in the production of BIORIPAR, comes from bovines born, grown and slaughtered in Italy, carefully selected among those where there have not been cases of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE).

In any case, for quality purposes, the following requirements are applied:

• the selected tissue comes from animals under 24 months

• the pericardium is taken from healthy recognized animals after ante and post mortem control in accordance

with current European Community provisions. In order to exclude any “cross-contamination” the tissues are processed with the “single-donor” method and there is never “pooling” of tissues.

• animals selected by veterinarians, according to rigorous criteria, are all certified and used for food consumption.

BIORIPAR is available in various shapes and sizes: wet and dry, perforated and non perforated.


The membrane is indicated for the repair of soft tissues, for strengthening the muscular flaps, augmentation and covering of tendon structures, reinforcing and/or replacing connective tissues, to prevent the formation of adhesions and to accelerate times in regenerating tissues in the following surgical specialties:

• Abdominal

• Reconstructive plastic

• Urology

• Gynaecology

• Andrology

• Thoracic

• Orthophaedics

• Otolaryngology

• Traumatology

• Implantology

• Periodontology

The perforated membrane provides greater liquid permeability and is preferred in all applications where this feature is appreciated or needed.

The device is “latex free” and “phthalates free”.

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