Designed for

  • Independent pin insertion, with “clip on” system, ensuring freedom of movement
  • Be fast and immediate, with a short learning curve, adapting to the needs of the operating room and emergency room

The fixator

  • Made in Switzerland
  • It is included in field supplies of doctors without frontiers
  • Made of high performance composite material, transparent to X-rays for an always clear view of the situation in fracture
  • Lighter than other external fixators on the market, with greater comfort for the patient
  • MRI compatible thanks to its titanium components
  • Modular and versatile for all types of assembly
  • It is also supplied with sterile kits for all bone districts


  • Pins in different sizes and diameters
  • Available in steel and titanium
  • Transfixing pins with central thread
  • All pins are cylindrical, self drilling and self taping
  • With excellent sealing in cortical and spongy bone


  • Simple and consisting of a minimum number of accessories that allow to manage all the various modulations of the system
  • Trocar and protective sleeve
  • Cutting player

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