Designed for:

  • Independent pin insertion ensures freedom of positioning.
  • Mounting on any plane, connected by carbon tubes, make up the fixing frame.
  • Terminals that hold 2 or 3 pins by composing a single flat plane frame. These configurations allow the reduction of the fracture on 3 floors and the correction of intra or post-operative alignment of the fracture.

The Footer

  • Manufactured in Switzerland
  • High performance composite material Transparent X-ray for a clearer view of the fracture.
  • Maximum stability
  • Significant weight reduction compared to other external fixators.
  • High strength components resulting in compact chassis configurations and reduced footprint compared to other systems.
  • Short learning curve for the surgeon.
  • Versatility limited by anatomy only.
  • Sterilization box containing assorted assembly components for a virtually unlimited variety of configurations.
  • Use as a permanent or temporary fixer


  • Pins for most applications Transfixing Pins (for specific procedures eg Ankle, HTO).
  • All pins are self-tearing and self-locking: a single step of insertion without the need for pre-drilling.
  • Excellent holding in cortical bone and spongy

Low basic components

  • Better management of hospital storage.
  • Traceability code and engraved catalog number on each component.

Simple instrumentation

  • One drill to insert pins and tighten chassis elements.
  • Trocar and protective sleeve

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