The Code of Ethics has the objective of identifying the fundamental corporate values which the members of the organization (executives, employees, collaborators, etc.) as well as all those who have related relationships or interests with Assut Europe SpA (customers, suppliers, business partners , etc.) must refer, in order to promote correct corporate management in terms of value creation and optimization, in compliance with the shared ethical values expressed in this Code. The Code of Ethics therefore represents the most articulated expression of the ethical and social values to which the activities and behaviors of all those to whom the Code is intended must comply, according to their respective skills and the position covered in the company organisation. It intends to ensure that ethical principles are defined in an explicit, clear, unequivocal and understandable way. The principles set out in this Code of Ethics are relevant for the purpose of preventing crimes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and constitute a key element of the preventive control system.