Multifilament polyamide with outer sheath



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Polyamide 6 or Polyamide 6.6.

Wire type

Synthetic non-absorbable pseudo-monofilament suture.


Black (Palatine Black C.I. 15710).

Standard diameters and needles

EP diameter from 0.7 to 7; USP diameters from 6/0 to 5. The Assumid is assembled with atraumatic needles in AISI 400 stainless steel.


In general, plastic, orthopedic surgery, whenever it is necessary to suture slow-healing tissues or those that require non-surgical suture. absorbable; Like most monofilament sutures, suturing is indicated when suturing infected or contaminated tissues; furthermore, since it does not adhere to the tissues, it is used when you want to remove the suture in the post-operative course.

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