Braided and coated synthetic suture mid term absorption (60-90 days)



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Composition Polymer of glycolic acid.
Description Braided and coated synthetic absorbable suture (monofilament for size: USP 10/0 – 9/0; EP 0,2 – 0,3).
Color Violet (D&C Viola – Violet – Violeta n.2=C.I. 60725) or undyed.
Sizes and standard needles EP from 0,2 to 7; USP from 10/0 to 5; Assufil is attached to AISI 300 or AISI 400 stainless steel atraumatic needles; “easy-detaching” needle type is also available to allow the detachment of the needle by a simple movement of the needle-holder.
Tensile Strenght After 7 days from implant ~ 90% of the tensile strenght remains, after 14 days ~75%, after 21days ~ 50% and after 28 days ~ 30%.
Absorption Complete in 60-90 days.
Indications In general surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology, ophtalmic surgery, neurosurgery, in soft tissues approximation, when it is necessary an absorbable surgical suture.
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