Bioripar® Bovine Pericardium

Restorative surgery is one of the most common procedures in the world.

The tissue repair technique has led to an increasing use of synthetic (alloplastic) meshes, contributing to significantly decrease the recurrence rate in recent years. A success that is not without risks however: foreign body sensation, migration of the mesh, formation of granulomas, adhesions, seromas, encapsulation and / or shrinkage of the mesh, post-operative pain



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BioRipar® is a non cross-linked collagen membrane obtained from bovine pericardium treated with an accurate multiphase processing system, designed and developed by ASSUT EUROPE SPA guaranteeing high quality and safety standards and complying with European directives. The manufacturing process ensures the inactivation of pathogens without altering the three-dimensional structure of collagen and its biomechanical properties. The membrane is available in various shapes and sizes:

  • Hydrated and not hydrated
  • Perforated and not perforated

The correct implantation of the BioRipar® membrane ensures that the mesh acts as a structural support, thus allowing the development of vessels and fibroblasts, with their deposition in the specific site. The biological tissue, through an incorporation process, will be gradually replaced by a new tissue formed in the site where the prosthesis is positioned, with the same anatomical and functional characteristics as the original one. The membrane is opaque white, but light yellow (for the non-hydrated membrane) or pink (for the hydrated membrane) streaks may occur.

The BioRipar® membrane is indicated for the repair of soft tissues, for the reinforcement of muscle flaps, for the reinforcement, increase and coverage of tendon structures, for the reinforcement and / or replacement of connective tissues, to prevent the formation of adhesions and to accelerate tissue recovery times in: abdominal, thoracic surgery, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, andrology, oral surgery, traumatology, implantology and periodontology. The MD is not intended to come into contact with the central nervous system and the eye.
In particular, the perforated BioRipar® membrane (both hydrated and not) is used for the surgical repair of soft tissues, providing greater permeability to liquids and less chance of seroma formation.


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