D.O.S. System®

Osteosynthesis Device for Shoulders



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Osteosynthesis Device for Shoulders

The D.O.S.® System is an HYBRID type or MIXED SYSTEM external fixator composed by an adjustable TELESCOPIC CARBON BAR for compression/distraction of the fracture and a system of Kirschner wires and pins that are connected to the bar for the synthesis.


The D.O.S.® System is an Osteosynthesis Device (External Fixator) used in 2-3 fragments fractures of the proximal third humeral shaft, with or without detachment of the great tuberosity (according to A.O. classification)

It is used:
→ In emergency trauma in cases of vascular-nervous involvement
→ In patients with polytrauma in temporary or definitive treatments
→ Bilateral proximal humerus fractures
→ In patients with pathologies that make major surgery contraindicated
→ In patients with associated co-morbidities where anesthesia times are important (average D.O.S.® implantation time 20 minutes after fracture reduction)
→ In patients who refuse prothesis

Surgery times to place the device are approximately 20 minutes, after reduction of the fracture, and recovery times have been assessed at 6-8 weeks in combination with a rehabilitation scheme

the device can be removed in an outpatient clinic without the need for admission into hospital or anaesthetic.

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