Filbloc Permanent®

New generation serrated self-locking suture proposed in different molecules, absorbable and non-absorbable, available in several formats: one-way with final block, one-way without block, two-way double needle, two-way with block, loop. Usable in various surgical procedures in the continuous suture package. Practical, fast and safe, it does not need knots and guarantees a high seal combined with a constant distribution of tension along the approximation section.



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Wire type

Synthetic monofilament suture. Non-absorbable serrated


Blue (C.I. 74160 phthalocyanine)

Standard diameters and needles

EP from 2 to 4; USP from 3/0 to 1. Filbloc® Permanent is assembled with atraumatic needles in AISI 300 or AISI 400 stainless steel


When it is necessary to suture slow healing tissues or tissues requiring a non absorbable suture

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