All in One Mesh Hernioplasty®

The current problem of inguinal hernia surgery is the risk of chronic postoperative neuralgia and comfort. The percentage of these complications (from 1 to over 30%) may be due, if “operative-dependent” causes are excluded, to the technique used and to the interference of the prostheses with the nervous and muscular structures of the inguinal canal. The new surgical procedure “ALL IN ONE MESH HERNIOPLASTY” aims to perform an anatomic and functional hernial plastic thanks to the application of a highly biocompatible prosthesis, with reduced dimensions and with a design that reinforces all the weakness of the inguinal canal, to then be covered with the fibrocremasteric sheath. The particular characteristics of the mesh, functional to the innovative technique, avoid neurargias and persistent “foreign body” sensations.



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  • Simple and anatomical surgery, with quick identification of the hernial sac.
  • Short learning curve.
  • Less operating times as there is no need for: isolation of the nerves, preparation of the nest for a subaponeurotic network, restoration of prostheses, attachment to the muscle-aponeurotic structures, application of one or more plugs.
  • Direct and simultaneous reinforcement of all areas of weakness of the inguinal canal.
  • Using a small mesh size.
  • Improvement of patient comfort due to the non-interference of the prostheses with the nervous and muscle-aponeurotic structures in the inguinal canal.


Code Type Description
SM0410P Sorbimesh® Semi-absorbable net made with a weave of synthetic absorbable monofilmant in poly (glycolide-co-ε-caprolactone) and a polypropylene monofilament.
FU395LAQ GlicoFIL LAC 1/2C. CIL. 25.9 mm USP 2/0 75cm Suture thread woven in polyglycolic acid.
FU395HHAC FILBLOC® 1/2C. CIL. 26 mm USP 3/0 20cm
Monodirectional serrated suture thread in polyphioxanone with distal block for suturing the fibro-cremasteric sheath.
FR438HHAD FILBLOC® 1/2C. CIL. 26mm USP 0 25cm
Monodirectional serrated suture thread in polydioxanone with distal block for closing suture of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle.
24.3 mm USP 3/0 75 cm
Fast-absorbing polyglycolic acid braided suture thread for closing the subcutis.
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