BIORIPAR Porcine Dermis

Porcine dermis collagen membrane, subjected to a multiphase chemical treatment, conceived and developed in ASSUT EUROPE S.p.A. in order to:

  • remove antigenicity

  • inactivate any type of pathogen

  • preserve the biomechanical properties

  • ensure biocompatibility and the ability to remodel tissues

obtaining the complete destruction of the cells and the subsequent removal of polluting cellular and protein residues, including: nucleic acids, keratin and fats, without altering the three-dimensional structure of the collagen in the material.



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Available in two forms:

1. a form composed of type I and III collagen, and elastin, obtained by removing the hypodermis and epidermis, leaving the central layer of the dermis

2. a form reinforced with the basement membrane, composed of type IV and VII collagen

The device acts as a matrix for the germination of fibroblasts, the formation of new tissues and blood vessels. Simultaneously with the creation of new tissues there is a gradual degradation of the collagen of the dermis.

The porous structure of the native porcine dermis ensures long-term drainage.

Product features

The most important feature of Bioripar Derma Porcino is its collagen structure (type I and III), which guarantees its stability while still being soft and flexible. The membrane is easily sutured.

After the application, the collagen matrix repairs damaged surfaces. The body reacts to the introduction of collagen by starting the repair process of damaged tissues: it begins to release a large number of cytokines, growth factors, and gradually replaces the implanted material with healthy tissues.

Standard membrane thickness: 1,0+0,2 mm

Reinforced membrane thickness: 1,5+0,2 mm


The membrane is indicated for the reinforcement, reconstruction and / or surgical repair of damaged, lacerated soft tissues and / or in the presence of sagging, such as in the case of: abdominoplasty, hernioplasty, urogynecology, mammoplasty, periodontology and implantology, pediatric surgery.


In double sterile bag – 1 piece box

list of codes

Code Description Size (cm)

AEDP 080-180 10

Rectangular Thickness 1,0mm


AEDP 120-200 10

Rectangular Thickness 1,0mm


AEDP 200-250 10

Rectangular Thickness 1,0mm


AEDP 200-350 10

Rectangular Thickness 1,0mm


AEDP 300-300 10

Rectangular Thickness 1,0mm


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